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Norguard has made its home in Sudbury, Ontario for over 20 years, and is proud to be an ISO 9001 Certified organization and is a CSA Certified facility producing CSA Certified products. The vast majority of our products are manufactured in Canada. In October 2013 Norguard was acquired by Guardian Fall Protection, based out of Kent, Washington, one of the largest fall protection manufacturers in North America. Since the acquisition Norguard has increased our manufacturing capacity and we now employ 20% more people than at any other time in our history. Norguard is Canada's premier fall protection provider and we are dedicated to continue investing in the people of Canada as we work to further enhance our brand.


Here at Norguard, we strive to:


  • Comply with relevant Health, Safety, Security and Environmental regulations to ensure quality and controls of our products and performances
  • Maintain continuous ISO Registration as set forth by our policies
  • Maintain our manufacturing standards to comply with CSA and ANSI requirements
  • Provide and maintain product information and warning to each product that is delivered to our customers
  • Provide our employees with all relevant Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental training and continued safe work practices
  • Ensure that our employees accept their Health, Safety, Security and Environmental responsibilities in all performance methods
  • Encourage full and effective training on the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental to our customers within our product usage, limitation, care and maintenance
  • Commitment to Enhancing its Distributors’ Profitability
  • Encourage full and eff ective consultation to our customers in maintaining a safe working environment relevant to all areas of fall hazards
  • Ensure compliance, management objectives and targets will be adhered and reviewed on regular basis in meeting our Health, Safety, Security and Environmental principles and policies as set forth

Thank you for your business and opportunity to show you our commitment to manufacturing quality Canadian goods.