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Single anchor points are designed for both fall arrest and restraint applications, and function to absorb significant loads in the event of a fall. A critical component of a complete fall protection system, single point anchors consist of three primary elements: openings for tie-off, the structure of the anchor, and the connection point to the building structure. Any of these elements is potentially subject to degradation as a result of wear, weather, or misuse, and consequently they all require inspection prior to each use, as well as regular inspection by a competent person.

Because of the importance of single anchor points, ESG requires competent person inspections at least every six months. These inspections must be officially documented, and if they are not, the anchor will be considered out of warranty, and the building owner will take on liability for the potential failure of the anchor.

During inspections of single point anchors, ESG will thoroughly review all current safety procedures, visually inspect each anchor, and perform a load test on a minimum 10% of anchors. OSHA and other regulatory bodies do not require load testing, but ESG highly recommends it, as it is the only way to guarantee anchors are completely safe.

ESG will also provide all necessary documentation required by OSHA for building owners to maintain compliance with fall protection regulations.


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