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Window Tie-Back Anchorages are designed to allow for the suspension of workers using rope descent systems. Similar to ESG’s CB Anchor line, these anchorages can be installed in wood, metal, and concrete substrates. But different from CB Anchors, Window Tie-Back Anchorages are designed for working loads of 1,250 lbs., and utilize stainless steel U-bars that are highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

ESG commonly installs Window Tie-Back Anchorages in cast-in-place or weld-on applications. Cast-in place anchors are unique in that their installation does not need to be coordinated with the concrete pour and placement of rebar. Weld-on anchorages, meanwhile, attach directly to structural steel, and are a particularly popular option due to the fact that they require only an anchorage pipe, and not the additional fasteners and base plate.

The installation location of Window Tie-Back Anchorages is dependent on the structure and application(s) in which they will be used. For example, if these anchors are used to support portable weighted davits, then the width of the required swing stage must be accounted for. Or, if they are used in combination with a rope descent system, they must typically be placed no greater than twelve feet apart, and frequently spaced much closer depending on their distance from the roof edge.


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