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January 16th, 2013

Professionals of all kinds require fall protection equipment to perform their jobs safely. Whether it be construction workers, window washers, or roofers, people put themselves at risk every day to earn a living. One thing all of the workers listed here have in common, however, is that they all (in the vast majority of cases) work above ground. And many fall protection companies design, manufacture, and sell equipment that is intended to best function aboveground, since the ground, seemingly, is as far as anyone can possibly fall. But we at Norguard know different.

Fall hazards present below ground, such as those found in the mining industry, can involve a vastly different range of criteria that must be addressed in order to ensure the highest degree of worker safety. Which is why, at Norguard, we take care to offer fall protection equipment specifically designed with the miner in mind.

The BioSeal Rhino Miner’s Belt is just one of the many products we provide to protect workers whose jobs take them to environments where they are exposed to an increased risk of contact with sharp or rough surfaces, corrosive substances, confined spaces, low visibility, and more. Its integrated lamp strap, rescue strap, and D-ring allow it to be used in a wide range of situations, and it is fully compliant with all applicable CSA Z259.1-2005 regulations. Rhino Miner’s Belts are especially suited for use when keeping workers in fall restraint, and are highly resistant to welding splatter and abrasion, have superior dielectric properties, and are easy and straightforward to maintain.

Mining is a profession that requires the utmost focus and dedication, and is one that can expose workers to hazards totally unrelated to fall protection. Therefore, we at Norguard strongly believe that those who choose to make it a career should have to worry about the quality of their fall protection equipment as little as possible—that’s our job, and we do it well.