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September 5th, 2013

Since the acquisition of Norguard in 2012 by Guardian Fall Protection, a lot of changes have been taking place. Ranging from new products, more streamlined shipping and sales processes, an enhanced compliance with safety regulations, and more, everyone at Norguard has been very busy.

Norguard is particularly proud to now be offering a large variety of new self-retracting lifelines (SRLs), which will provide our customers with a number of new connector options for their personal fall arrest systems.

Besides being compliant with all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations, each model of these SRLs was also tested and approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), making them some of the most stringently tested fall protection products available on the market. Norguard values the safety of our customers above all else, and the care we put into the manufacture and testing of these SRLs is emblematic of the steps we take to ensure our products perform to the highest standards.

In fact, with the addition of these SRLs, Norguard is poised to be the largest provider of SRLs throughout all of Canada. Bradley Dillon, the General Manager of Norguard, expresses Norguard’s enthusiasm about providing this top quality equipment to a relatively untapped Canadian marketplace, saying,

We are extremely excited to have recently received CSA certification for 43 different SKUs of new SRLs. These new units have been extremely well received in the marketplace because of their variety, durability, and competitive price point. These new SRLs include the Edge, Heavy Duty Edge, G-Link, Yellow Jacket, and Aardvark series. In addition to these recently introduced units, we are in the process of having even more new SRLs tested and certified by CSA, and bringing them to the market in the next several weeks. Stay tuned!

All Norguard SRLs are manufactured with high strength connectors, and can also be built to custom lengths. The Edge Series line of SRLs is available in lengths ranging from 20’ – 30’, is manufactured with either a galvanized steel or stainless steel cable lifeline, and can be used in combination with a compatible shock absorber extension to allow it to be used in Leading Edge (LE) applications. The Heavy Duty Edge Series, meanwhile, is manufactured with an integral shock absorber, allowing it to be used in LE applications straight out of the box.

Edge Series SRL
Heavy Duty Edge Series SRL
Aardvark SRL

Edge Series SRL

Heavy Duty Edge Series SRL

Aardvark SRL

Norguard’s Aardvark SRLs come in lengths ranging from 16’ – 80’, and are incredibly lightweight for both their strength and size. The Yellow Jacket SRLs can be mounted either at an overhead anchorage connector or onto the harness dorsal D-ring, allowing them to be used in both mobile and stationary applications. Both Aardvark and Yellow Jacket SRLs can also be configured to be used in LE applications when used in combination with a compatible shock absorber extension.

But Norguard hasn’t stopped with the release of our new SRLs...

Even the best fall protection products are ineffective if they aren’t available to the end user when they’re needed. In order to ensure that our most in-demand products get shipped out as quickly as possible, Norguard is implementing our Guaranteed Inventory Program.

The idea is simple; place any order before noon for any product that falls under the umbrella of the program (which currently includes 13 of our most popular items), and the order is guaranteed to ship out the next day. While it’s possible that large quantity orders may sometimes exceed our current shipping capacity, Norguard will make every effort to expedite even the highest volume orders.

Because of all the new merchandise and exciting innovations Norguard is implementing, it’s also a perfect time to announce the release of our brand new 2013 Norguard Product Catalog.

Covering every product offered by Norguard, this catalog also functions to provide information on the development of Norguard as a company, as well as on the most current fall protection safety standards and regulations. Hard copies of the catalog will be available in September, so be sure to request a catalog today!

Everyone at Norguard is incredibly excited about what we’ve achieved in such a short period of time, and is even more excited about what we’ll do next!

And, as always, if you have any questions on any of our new SRL products, please feel free to give us a call at 1.705.521.1115!