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Falls from heights happen every day, be they from ladders, scaffolding, roofs, or many other types of unprotected edges. And the sadly large number of workplace injuries and even deaths that result from these falls can be eliminated though the simple and proper use of the right equipment.

Whether it involves providing equipment that will block a worker from accessing a fall hazard, or will catch the worker in the event of a fall, Norguard sees it as our mission to work to ensure all workers are protected from fall related harm.

But it is not just Norguard that understands the importance of fall protection equipment, so too do a variety of government and other regulatory bodies. Those who choose not to follow applicable fall protection regulations are subject to fines and other punitive actions until compliance is achieved. To avoid such negative consequences, employers must provide employees with proper training, equipment, and supervision, and employees must take care to carry out correct equipment inspection, maintenance, and use, and adhere to all directions issued by their supervisors.

Maintaining jobsite safety truly requires a group effort, and Norguard is proud to be a member of your team.

We also highly encourage you to contact us with any questions relating to regulatory compliance, equipment, or any other fall protection related information.